The Sparkling All Natural Juice Drink

Delightfully refreshing, Fruvia is naturally sweetened and contains no artificial ingredients. With only 70 calories per can, Fruvia comes in three thirst-quenching flavours: Zesty Lemon, Luscious Apple and Tangy Red Orange.



Fruvia is made of 100% natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners, so you can put your mind at rest that Fruvia is all natural.
Fruvia is sweetened using a mix of Stevia, a natural herb extract and a true revolution in the sugar substitutes market, and sugar.
Fruvia offers delicious tasty refreshment with only 70 calories per can, that means about 50% less calories than a full sugar variant, making it the ideal thirst quenching choice.
The true Fruvia personality comes to life thanks to its feisty, sparkling sensation. A surprising, fun-loving character… just like you.
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